Our Mission

We uplift people and economies around the world through entrepreneurship.

We have backed more than 2,500 companies or 6,000+ entrepreneurs in 77+ countries. Most significantly, those companies have helped create thousands of jobs and delighted millions of customers all over the world. Because of our global network and expertise, we are in a unique position to build startups ecosystems worldwide.

We are global across 5 continents.

We have backed more than 2,500+ companies or 6,000+ entrepreneurs in 77+ countries, spanning almost every continent.

The 500 Startups team is 100+ staff across 20 different countries. We’re more than half people of color and half women.

Our Team

Leaders in Investing and Building Global Ecosystems

We speak multiple languages, come from all over the world, and have the expertise to help you build a great company. Check out our executive team and senior leadership on our investment and ecosystem building teams.

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